Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Orleans

No photos from the Sim Tech Convention, but Mike was a great keynote speaker at the convention!!! We had a fantastic trip. Here are some photos from our free time wandering about town and in the hotel.

Central Grocery Muffaletta for lunch.

Napoleon House.

Pere Antoine break from the heat and gallery hopping.


Cafe du Monde.

Camellia Grill.

Tommy's Cuisine.

French Quarter.

Frenchmen St.

Washington Square.

Bus stop just off Frenchmen St.

Loews New Orleans.


St. Charles streetcar.


  1. Love the pix. Lots of yummy food. Like the dog in the outfit. Crazy dress with the vulture on it. The pic with the smoke and lady and motorcycles is really good.

  2. Thank you. The pic of the smoke and lady was her blowing out just after a puff of a hookah. The police motorcycle escort was for a Porsche car parade. Forgot to put that in the post.