Saturday, November 24, 2012

Leslie Canyon Road

These photos are from an outing last weekend down Leslie Canyon Rd. to Rucker Canyon near Douglas, AZ.

Notice the baby barely in the photo on the right.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Susan Tuttle's Photo Craft book Giveaway!!!

Susan Tuttle is a photographer- artist I most admire. I took an online workshop with her and am so glad I did. Her instructions are easy to follow and fun ideas that led me to exploring more ideas for my images. She was readily available to answer questions online. I also found a good rapport with other students - one happy workshop family...not that this has anything to do with the book, other that I'm sure it's full of good ideas with easy to follow and complete instructions for photography and mixed media. This book is co-authored by Chrysti Hydeck. Check her site out too. I can tell you I personally will add this book to my art book collection. Here's a chance for any of us to maybe win this book!

Her site is just worth seeing with or without a giveaway! Just for a few visuals on this post - here is a sampling of some of my images made from her Digital Toy Camera Workshop.