Saturday, March 31, 2012

w3 p7 xpro & w1p1 diana, georges pt

I pulled out this photo (from folder on the computer, or shall I say Mike found Bahamas photos for me) from vacation to Andros, Bahamas in 2003. Mike and I stayed at Georg'es Point. Guess I don't need to say it was a beautiful spot! Photo says that. Anyway, I incorporated cross processing and diana photoshop into this photo - from Susan Tuttle's Toy Camera Online Photoshop Workshop. More images from this workshop are on my Flickr page. Click on the photo or my name above to access my Flickr page. Here is a link also to the Group where other workshop participants have posted their work:
Visual Poetry Online Workshops and check out Suan Tuttle here: Susan Tuttle Photography

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 3, Project 2 - the Holga look from Toy Camera Photoshop Workshop

w3p6 holga 2 by Liz Hampton-Derivan
w3p6 holga 2, a photo by Liz Hampton-Derivan on Flickr.

This Blog post is from a new Flickr account I just opened to post photos for Toy Camera Photoshop Workshop I'm taking online with Susan Tuttle. I'm loving this workshop!!! Anyway, this is the first image I randomly selected (after several unsuccessful tries) in order to learn how to link my Flickr photos to this Blog. Finally, one image posted!!! More to come... I have not been snoozing this past month (or more), just posting on Flickr. Anyway, this particular image is the Holga look.