Saturday, December 24, 2011

Handmade journal with encaustic elements

 Our Sunday drawing group had a Secret Santa party last Sunday. We all made a gift for whomever we got. This was my gift to B. Everyone went all out. Amazing! It really got me in the holiday mood. A wonderful day!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time to Reflect

This past month has been so busy and scattered. I've missed checking out Blogs, email, and FB on a regular basis. I sort of fell out of touch. I'm thinking it's time to find a way to slow down, reflect, be quiet, be still, and also enjoy my blog friends all over again.

I realized I got an email from Seth Apter - The Altered Page about his Sunday post that I was included in. So, I'm a few days late, but please visit The Pulse on The Altered Page. Seth is a great artist, person, and promoter of artists through his Blog (among other things). Many thanks, Seth!

The Post: Master Class. Chapter 1: Women in the Arts", artists responses to  'If you could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?'  part of The Pulse series - check it out  here
 Here's wishing you all a great upcoming art week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

From our front terrace yesterday

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon yesterday, temp in the 70s. Mike and I sat out on our front terrace and I grabbed the camera and made a few photos. I got into shadows, light and geometry. Some of these look like my normal photo style and some do not. Anyway, I had fun making these.

TC times Ten

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Technique and Tool

I am hurriedly posting this as I am meeting with our Sunday Drawing Group in 2 hours to put together our Subway Gallery show to open on Nov. 12th. But in the meantime, I did want to thank Seth Apter for including me in The Altered Page post, Technique and Tool. Check out his blog! He has alot of great posts and shares the work, thoughts, ideas of alot of great artists. Thank you, Seth! Oh, BTW, my favorite tool when I responded to Seth, was my camera. I LOVE my camera. It is the framework for most of my art. I also love Photoshop, our great Epson archival printer, and my encaustic/mixed media studio. It's the combo of ALL these tools that lets me make the art I make!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Desert Angels #6

I'll be showing Desert Angels next month at Subway Gallery, along with work by our Sunday Drawing Group. I'm excited about this show as lots of great work has come from our group. Great artists, great friends! Because of many new experimental things from our group, I've been not doing so many angels, not putting pressure on myself, which is definitely a good thing! Just having fun trying new things! Anyway, here is one recently completed Desert Angels.

Desert Angels #6 completed over the weekend. 10" x 8" photograph, encaustic/mixed media on birch panel. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Amerind trip yesterday

Okay, yesterday we did a day trip to the Amerind Foundation with 2 of our friends. Mike decided to take the scenic route as opposed to Hwy 10... we ended up on a powerline right-of-way for about two hours. Very narrow primitive road with some pretty hairy spots, and we weren't exactly sure we'd gone the right way. Turns out we'd made a turn and bailed on it. Should have made the turn. Anyway, saw a microwave tower repair man in a van who assured us we'd be back on paved road in about 4 miles. Saved us from turning around and going back 25 miles as we were about to do! Our "desert angel" in a van:-)  Got to Amerind, had a picnic lunch and went through the museums. I only made a few photos yesterday as we were leaving Amerind. Did a little fisheye warp.

Some rain clouds in the distance

Cemetery at Amerind (but mostly sky)

Labor Day

Okay, so I'm just posting photos from Labor Day! These are from a little day outing Mike and I did then. It was a hazy, overcast day, so mostly greyish skies. It was a full-day outing, and quite nice! We went over through Sonoita, AZ, up Hwy. 83, stopped at Charron Vineyard in the Santa Ritas, in to Vail (Tuscon), through the Rincon Mountains, headed back on a primitive road by San Pedro River Valley, in to Benson, and home (Bisbee).

Rolling hills in the Santa Rita mountain range, Hwy 83, north of Sonoita, AZ

Charron Vineyards

Barrel cactus in bloom, drive through the Rincon Mountains

Rincons, looking down into San Pedro River Valley

Free range cattle by San Pedro

Cascabel Cliffs, San Pedro River Valley

Decorated water tank
Headed home

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Council Rocks

Saturday, September 17, Mike, our friend Tim, and myself made a day trip to Council Rocks on the west side of the Dragoon Mountains. Weather was perfect; the day was perfect. Here a a few photos.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mike and Liz art

Okay, I'm taking a quick studio break. Yes, in the studio today!!!

Last week we found this sculpture on the side of the road - so Mike brought it home and created this little found object piece:0)
This is the piece I've been working on in the studio. I think it still needs a little more work, but I'm setting it aside for now and moving on to something else...Part of Desert Angels series photo, wax, mixed media.