Friday, September 23, 2011

Amerind trip yesterday

Okay, yesterday we did a day trip to the Amerind Foundation with 2 of our friends. Mike decided to take the scenic route as opposed to Hwy 10... we ended up on a powerline right-of-way for about two hours. Very narrow primitive road with some pretty hairy spots, and we weren't exactly sure we'd gone the right way. Turns out we'd made a turn and bailed on it. Should have made the turn. Anyway, saw a microwave tower repair man in a van who assured us we'd be back on paved road in about 4 miles. Saved us from turning around and going back 25 miles as we were about to do! Our "desert angel" in a van:-)  Got to Amerind, had a picnic lunch and went through the museums. I only made a few photos yesterday as we were leaving Amerind. Did a little fisheye warp.

Some rain clouds in the distance

Cemetery at Amerind (but mostly sky)