Thursday, April 16, 2015

Historic Downtown Truth or Consequences, NM

Night 2. We stayed in our RV at Riverbend Hot Springs: Mineral Springs Resort and Spa on the Rio Grande in old town T or C. is their Website if you want to check it out. Beautiful, calming, serene place. Excellent staff. Well maintained. Just a good place all around. So, here are photos of  Riverbend, old town, and wonderful dinner at Cafe BellaLuca   Perfecto!

A lot of shops closed. Some scheduled to open in the evening for 2nd Saturday artwalk. Before dinner we walked a bit and found an art and frame shop open. Got 2 great "to be refurbed" 9x12 frames I needed for 2 canvas panel collage pieces, one finished, one not yet started, but I got the frames!

A lot of  the shops were closed, but there were some interesting windows. Wandering around town before check in at Riverbend.

Wish this one had been open. Could have probably spent some money here

Great used book store that WAS open and Mike got some books for me to use in my collage art :-D

Loved this place

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World and of course, The Case for Mars V

T or C framed art

Wet Paint...just loved the colors

Riverbend Hot Springs, oh so nice!

Overlooking the Rio Grande. Beautiful, warm, sunny day - around 1-2 pm, Saturday, April 11

Mike went in the hot springs earlier in the day. He's here with me on my 2nd go round for the day.

Steam sauna, up to 170 degrees max. Nice. Good way to dry off from the hot springs early next morning (Sun., April 12) when overcast and looking like rain. No sun for quick dry off.

Lush and pretty place

Some day visitors from El Paso


BellaLuca. Mike had chicken stew and fried portobello shrooms with artichoke pepperoncini aioli. He filled up on crab salad on crackers a few hours before dinner. I, on the other hand, did not!

Me: veggie lasagne, yummy! Wonderful Italian bread with olive oil and balsamic reduction, and special marinated green and black olives served to each table. Could have about been a meal in itself.

Also ordered yummy roasted white asparagus.

Yes, I'm a happy camper! Oh, and check out their wine list:
We had 20% off wine special from Riverbend, but I couldn't quite convince Mike to go for the $1500 bottle, even with our discount!

Park with hot springs/art commissioned fountains, and shadow selfies. Walkabout after dinner.

Mike wandering about

some details




another interesting window

Back to Riverbend

one fish, two fish, three fish, rio grande fish

Mike or Jerry Garcia at our rv site???

Yes, he REALLY DID experience the hot springs!

My back up to the water source/ faucet where warm water is flowing in. Oh so nice on neck and back.

Beautiful morning on the Rio Grande - after hot springs soak, Mike there.

Just liked the colors. Sort of a back alley.

Back alley. Liked the graffiti and geometric design of the grass between gravel

Home sweet home, Sunday morning at Riverbend