Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Truth or Consequences, NM

Last weekend Mike and I (and TC) went to Truth or Consequences, NM. We stayed in Elephant Butte Lake State Park the first night. 2nd night and location to be my next post. I have truly become interested in having "souvenir", or "memory" photos of our excursions, and just life events, so that gets mixed in with the "playful" art side of me these days. Photographs to look at in the future and remember the places, lighting, feelings, fun, good food, funny things, challenges, life. I've said this before, I tend to "mix 'em all up" in terms of snapshots and more "worked" images that may go into some kind of art piece sometime. I know consistency: doing one or the other, not both in the same blog, or at least not the same post, is preferable, but hey, here it is. With love.

me and mike, selfie

right here on the map

view from our campsite

again, view from our campsite

campers on the beach

telephoto view across the lake

beach camping

hauling in


marina again

yep, another selfie - at the marina

marina kinda looks like a riverboat, well if you use your imagination

old gypsy caravan camper a couple travels with full-time, modern gypsies, happy, free

lazy tc
One of the best filet mignons ever, really ever!, charcoal grilled along with grilled baked tater and salad with greens from Mike's garden, all organic stuff, and oil and balsamic vinegar. Not the best presentation, but certainly ranked high up there great meal!
watching mike

tc on the wall, enjoying the outdoors

a little time out from his exploring

home sweet home

low lake, but 30 ft. higher this year than last

early morning sun

home sweet home again

trying out new actions/filters here

new actions/filters

and same

same again

and again

and yet again, loved the lighting on the water

lots of quail

marina, sailboats

blue marina

whales on the beach:) big rv's camping by the water

marina boats


Oh, and P.S., here's link to park:


  1. great shots thar, Liz and love yo home on wheels; excellent ideas this traveling and shootin them photos. Ya'll even look great in the hurricane winds. xo Marsha

  2. Thanks, miz Marsha. xoxo liz...didn't know you had a blog. Will have to ck. it out. And yep, about hurricane winds that day!

  3. I did think it was a riverboat lol

  4. You damned hippies. Y'all need to get some jobs!!!