Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Craving some good old Varsity food

This is for Hettie. In the course of our phone conversation last week, my daughter said on their way home from Florida, they were stopping at the Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia for lunch. I LOVE the Varsity. My mother went there as a kid/teen. I went there, I think all my life! Will go there anytime I'm in Atlanta, if possible. Sooo much history. Our family history there is miniscule compared to the number of folks with ongoing histories with the Varsity which is of gigantic proportion. Car Hop #4 Flossie Mae was a total delight, full of energy and always left me with a smile on my face, not to mention the food!!! My mom and I always had memories of him, from her childhood and mine, and on into my adulthood. The Varsity: the largest drive-in restaurant, an institution! Flossie Mae 50 years an institution there.

Oh gosh, could go on and on. I spent weekends in downtown Atlanta with my grandmother (and great aunt) as a kid who lived only block away from the Varsity, and lunch there was mandatory. I went to school at fairly nearby Portfolio Center when I was in my 20s, and yes, regular lunch breaks there were mandatory.

So, no Varsity here in Arizona and I was craving the food and attempted to make it myself, with the help of hubby Mike doing fries and onion rings. So here's the result. Not the Varsity, can't compete with them, but pretty darn good!


  1. Aww, so sweet to hear all that and learn more about you! Gave me goose bumps. Yours looks good still the same! I remember going with you as a child and with Weesie, too. It was SOOOOO busy when we went last weekend! And it was 3 in the afternoon! We had to drive around a bit and figure out how to park with the uhaul trailer, but it was worth it!

  2. Glad you got to stop. 5 generations of our family have now eaten there:D