Friday, September 23, 2011

Labor Day

Okay, so I'm just posting photos from Labor Day! These are from a little day outing Mike and I did then. It was a hazy, overcast day, so mostly greyish skies. It was a full-day outing, and quite nice! We went over through Sonoita, AZ, up Hwy. 83, stopped at Charron Vineyard in the Santa Ritas, in to Vail (Tuscon), through the Rincon Mountains, headed back on a primitive road by San Pedro River Valley, in to Benson, and home (Bisbee).

Rolling hills in the Santa Rita mountain range, Hwy 83, north of Sonoita, AZ

Charron Vineyards

Barrel cactus in bloom, drive through the Rincon Mountains

Rincons, looking down into San Pedro River Valley

Free range cattle by San Pedro

Cascabel Cliffs, San Pedro River Valley

Decorated water tank
Headed home


  1. What a great way to spend LD, Liz :). I absolutely love the drive down Hwy 83 - it's well worth the extra time to go through the San Pedro River Valley, past the Mustang Mtns, Sonoita and north past the Santa Ritas.

    Fun selection of photos, too, and I'm amazed at how green the hills are in the first photo (I have only ever seen them in winter)!

  2. Hi Sonya, yes it was a nice LD! I love the 83 drive too and the San Pedro. There was lots of green from all the monsoon rains and it was beautiful!