Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 3, Project 2 - the Holga look from Toy Camera Photoshop Workshop

w3p6 holga 2 by Liz Hampton-Derivan
w3p6 holga 2, a photo by Liz Hampton-Derivan on Flickr.

This Blog post is from a new Flickr account I just opened to post photos for Toy Camera Photoshop Workshop I'm taking online with Susan Tuttle. I'm loving this workshop!!! Anyway, this is the first image I randomly selected (after several unsuccessful tries) in order to learn how to link my Flickr photos to this Blog. Finally, one image posted!!! More to come... I have not been snoozing this past month (or more), just posting on Flickr. Anyway, this particular image is the Holga look.

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