Monday, August 30, 2010

Draw Cats in Bed

I've never had much talent for drawing, nor have I ever thought of working on my drawing skills until I ran across this book, "52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun! - Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists", by Carla Sonheim. My friend, Barbara Herman, expressed interest in doing the drawing exercises also. So we met yesterday to share the results of our 1st assignment, Drawing Cats in Bed! The assignment was to get comfy in bed and draw about 30 cats from your imagination, working quickly, say spend about 10 minutes to complete the assignment. Well, Barbara and I had quite a few chuckles yesterday sharing our cat drawings. Nice to be drawing  (and learning) just for fun. So here are my cats.

Taking it further: I selected one of these funny cats, scanned it and did some Photoshop work on it. Here are the results:

As Hettie would say, LOL! This week we're doing giraffes. Should be interesting!


  1. These are fun, Liz! I think you're on to something here with the PS'ed version...a series of whimsical cards, I think.

    Rox would love "Pretty Bird" - you'll have to show it to her :).

  2. Kinda looks like a seal cat :) lol

  3. Sonya, Thanks for the card idea. I think they could be a fun card series! I was trying to figure what I might do with the PS version. I didn't figure a framed print, but I do think the card idea is a good one.

  4. Hettie, I see the seal now, but I had to look a few times:) You're right!