Saturday, February 26, 2011

Subway Gallery

I'm a member of Subway Gallery  in Bisbee. I'll be gallery sitting there today. When I gallery sit I usually take in an art project to work on, and a good book or two. In preparation for tomorrow's drawing group, I'll be working on paper dolls today. I'm also taking in some good reads: Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne and Winter 2011 Art Journaling by Somerset Studio. Hey, and hopefully I'll sell some art today too! I've shown work in a couple of galleries here in town and have been at Subway, an artist cooperative gallery for almost 2 years now. Feels like home to me at Subway. I'm very happy showing my art there.

Here's a little copy/paste/history of Subway from the gallery Web site:

Subway Gallery was formed as a cooperative artist gallery in 1986 by a group of twelve Bisbee artists. Current members Danielle and Manny Martinez are the only remaining members from the original founding group. The gallery took its name from the original gallery location in the building at the corner of Subway and Main Streets in Old Bisbee. This location is currently occupied by a local jeweler/artist.
After the first year at the Subway Street location the gallery moved to Brewery Avenue (The Gulch) into the building next door to St Elmo's Saloon. The building is currently recognized as the residence and working studios for two Bisbee artists. While at this location the gallery shared the space with a theatrical group who held their performances along with Subway Gallery opening receptions. After a few years at this location the gallery moved again, across the street into the Silver King Hotel, occupying the space where the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel is now located.
After several memorable years at this location, Subway Gallery moved into the Central School Project building on Howell Street. Several gallery members were also members of the Central School Project and, for the most part, the two organizations complimented each others' endeavors well. In 2007 the membership decided to "take the big plunge and become more business-like" and moved to its current location at 30 Main Street in Old Bisbee. This is Subway Gallery's fifth, and hopefully last, location. To the best of our knowledge we are the oldest continuously operating cooperative artist gallery in southern Arizona.
The Subway Gallery currently has twelve members who are variously painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramicists, print makers, photo encaustic artist and others. The Gallery has an Art Opening and Reception on the second Saturday of each month with member artists being featured. The Gallery also has several invitational and/or open shows throughout the year.

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