Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Drawing Group

Our drawing group met and shared art yesterday. We generally give "assignments" each week and bring what we've done to share. Last week's assignment was torn paper portraits. From that general idea, we make something, sometimes "breaking the rules", or straying one way or another from the assignment. Anyway, here is my "torn paper" portrait made to take to drawing group yesterday. As you can see, no torn paper here; it's all cut out, and painted with watercolor.
Tribute to surrealist, Leonora Carrington
Our assignment for this next week is drawing from a picture/photo looking at it upside-down, and using our non-donimant hand...should be interesting!


  1. Very cool, Liz. "Friended" on blogspot woo hoo! I totally heart the Sunday drawing group.

  2. C & H - thank you!...I totally heart the Sunday drawing group too!