Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hernando Beach, Florida

I went to visit my daughter, Hettie, son-in-law, Sean, and two grandsons, Ryan and Hunter...just met Hunter for the first time. They live in Clearwater, Florida. However, we rented a house in Hernando Beach on canal with gulf views, actually water views in every direction! Despite the fact it rained almost the whole time, it was a fun trip and nice visit.

So, here is my photo "documentation" of our visit.

"The Beach House" (as Ryan called it...)

Stroll through the Neighborhood and Views from the Beach House
Camera fogged, but I like the results...

And here too.

Neighbor's garden.

Some Family pics

Mostly indoor family pic because of the...


And then a break from the rain...

Pine Island
Hettie, I did get the gator in the pic!

Ryan and another little beach goer enjoying the sand.

On the last night of my visit we stayed in Clearwater. And the rain had passed...

Clearwater Beach

We had dinner at Frenchy's Rockaway Restaurant. Yummy! See in background.


  1. Ah.....what a nice change of scenery! You got some really great shots, Liz.

  2. Looks like a great trip, and quite a change from Bisbee! I particularly love the sunset and rain photos.

  3. Thank you, Chris and Sonya. Yes it was a nice change of scenery, and relaxing!

  4. Love the all pics. What a great time we had! I wonder if that was a gator!? Thanks again for your visit. We all miss you and love you. Oh and BTW, Ryan said today "Gagu, 2 spankings!" lol

  5. What did Gagu do??? Miss you all and love you too!