Saturday, February 4, 2012

Handmade encaustic book

I recently took a workshop Encaustic & the Artist Book taught by Catherine Nash.  The class was a great learning experience and lots of fun! Two of my friends also took the workshop. Thank you to Catherine and other workshop participants! Here are the results of my first encaustic board book.

Book cover

A little Photoshopping to the book cover. I wondered if maybe the blue should be sky after the fact...
The back.

The pages.

 On a side note: I don't like photographing my artwork. I like making photographs, but not of my artwork. I've historically tried to make quick snapshots with a point and shoot camera. I did this of this book yesterday, late afternoon indoors, with camera flash going off. Ugh! They were bad. So today I went outside and made these.Nice light in the shade and no flash. Much better.


  1. Oh, how fun, Liz! I love handmade books, and I love how yours turned out :).

    Re photographing your art: I hear you. I figured out a quick and easy way to photograph my paintings, but I *detested* trying to photograph the equine sculpture I used to do. Photos always looked awful. At least yours turned out quite well here!

  2. Book turned out pretty and so did photos.

  3. Thank you both! Re: photographing art - I need to just get myself set up for easy. I'd spend less time being more organized to get good photos than to consistently take bad ones and try to doctor them up! Sonya, your photos of your art always turn out nice. You definitely have the right routine down.