Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Water in Wax

This encaustic piece began with the photo in my last post. I took the photo and saved several different ways in Photoshop and printed on very thin tissue, and also did a pastel drawing of it. The images are then layered in wax with some oil paint and oil stick colors added. Seems whenever I photograph and post encaustic pieces I find things I don't like about the piece. For the time being, I'm not changing. I'll just live with it a bit. Sometimes stepping away is the best thing to do.


  1. Same is said with parenting, homework, relationships, etc. :)

  2. I like the effect of the mixed media on this, Liz. And, I can't think of many times where I don't find something that bothers me in a painting when I look at the photo of it. I usually just bite my lip and resist the urge to point out the shortcomings in the blog posts. It has been a useful way to help me see things to fix, though :).

    1. Thank you both for your comments. For some reason, I could not open my Comments here for several days. Just now getting to view them and respond. Sonya, I see your point about not pointing out shortcomings and just let myself learn:)