Sunday, August 12, 2012

Elgin, AZ outing, July 28, 2012

Kief- Joshua Winery. Just after a light rainstorm. All the winetasters took cover.

Elgin/ Sonoita, AZ is is our winetasting region here is SE AZ. It was a beautiful day, everything lush and green, rain showers, a bit of wine, calming, soothing day.  We've been short on rain here in Bisbee this monsoon season, just hot and humid. More rain, please!

I'm trying to figure out what next with my art/encaustic. I was 5 days, 30 hours/week working at the Copper Queen Library for 3 months. (I do programming.) Back to my regular 2-1/2 days, 19.5 hours/ week now. Yay! We were short-staffed sooo I filled in. I guess I've never mentioned my job. I've been at the library about 2 years now. Anyway, ramble, ramble. I'm going to start a list, or writings of what I'm passionate about, THEN to the studio when I find a focus - inspiration. My recent photographs may have potential to become encaustic too. I do love the lush, moody landscapes.


  1. Great photos. Love the first one and what is that cow doing!? lol

  2. These are wonderful - great format and beautiful scenes.

  3. Thank Hettie and Helen. I love the Sonoita/Elgin landscapes this time of year. Very lush and green when we get good monsoons.