Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a lovely Christmas holiday, and I actually got some photos with us in them!!! Here are a few.

Tree on the Dining Room Table

Goodies some friends brought us on  Christmas Eve - some already eaten when this photo was made!

Breakfast  Casserole

Christmas Eve Dinner

Lots of cards!

Christmas decoration made by Mike's Dad

Just before Christmas Eve Dinner (TC did get some too)

Off to Secret Santa party on Dec. 23

Happy cat

To me from Mike:)

City Park Christmas decorations across the street from our house

Mike repairing our fallen tumbleweed tree. Wind got to it several times.


  1. pretty. love the first one. did u use actions?

  2. Thank you:) Yes, I did. Love the new actions and textures. Will have lots of fun with them.