Friday, May 6, 2016

Children's Museum of Oak Ridge and Ry opens a few b-day gifts

On the 29th of April (Ryan's birthday!) we went to the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge,, had dinner at Chesapeake's Seafood House in downtown Knoxville (crab and lobster being Ryan's b-day dinner request). No photos of dinner here, but was a good dinner and fun evening. Later that night Holli, Herbert, Jojo (Deirdre's maid of honor in her wedding and long time family friend) and Ellie their dog came to the house and Ryan opened a few b-day gifts from us. Here are museum pics and Ryan opening a few b-day presents.

Waterways Room

Puppet Room

Puppets made by Knoxville woman (puppet maker/storyteller).

Left: Girl Scout uniform I wore as a kid. Right: Brownie uniform I wore:)

Doll House Room

2-story doll house. Hunter upstairs looking over the balcony.

Ryan our tour guide in the Rain Forest Room.

Ryan opening gifts from me and Holli.

Hettie was working so not present in these photos :(  But proud of her for what she does!!! Job, kids, wife, daughter, friend. Love:)

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