Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After showtime

Well, Mirror Mirror show at Subway Gallery Bisbee was a success, and with lots of sales which is nice! Show comes down on Thursday this week. Seems I'd have lots of time to blog after getting the show up, but it's been just the opposite. I started working p-t at the Copper Queen Library. I'm getting used to my new work schedule, and pondering what may be "the next series" to work on in encaustic. Also working on a "chair" in encaustic for Bisbee Women's Club Art Auction and Home Tour.

All that said, I've been thinking about an installation I did in honor of my mother for Day of the Dead show in October 2009. Central School Project Bisbee used to have Day of the Dead show annually, but did not have one this year. Had they had one I think I would have been motivated to do another installation along the line of what I did in 2009.

Anyway, at this point, I just want to post the piece I did for my mom a little over a year ago.
The photos  are scanned from an old photo of my mom from when she was a tender age eighteen. Music, "A Night in June", was incorporated into the piece, as June was my mother's birthday, and it just seemed fitting. There is also a poem written by my mom incorporated into the little encaustic photos of a rose and some with barbed wire - a delicate balance of life, death, beauty, love, loss.

I've thought of taking all the little 3 x 3's and making one large wall piece or quilt. I hate just storing them in my flat file, but that is where they currently reside. Well, back to the studio and re-grouping this week.


  1. What a wonderful piece, Liz! I really love how you incorporate so many materials and symbols into your mixed media pieces, and it looks so effortless.

    What a great job working at the library. I'd love a p/t gig like that [and it beats the Other Place we worked]. I'll look forward to seeing what is next in the encaustic series :).

  2. Thanks Sonya.

    Yes, the library definitely beats that Other Place where we worked!!!