Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red Shoes

I did this piece last week for our Sunday D&D group. Assignment: Feet. I handheld the camera and made a photo of my feet, printed on watercolor paper and mounted on a birch panel. Then worked in wax, oil sticks and pastels. I'm working on another one (feet) and two hands pieces for this week's assignment (hands). These may be put on hold though as I'm working on an altered book for the Altered Book Art Auction to Benefit the Copper Queen Library that takes place on Nov. 3. Also have been doing art postcards for D&D that we have mailed to each other. We'll be showing those at the Silver King Hotel on Nov. 4. Busy, busy!


  1. This is very cool, Liz. I would really love to try an encaustic MM piece with you sometime in your studio!