Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rucker Canyon

Last Saturday, November 8th, Mike and I did a day trip to Rucker and Leslie Canyons. Here are way too many photos of Rucker Canyon and going into Rucker Canyon via Elfrida. We took Leslie Canyon Road back home. That will be next post. So, here's Rucker.
Farmland, just outside of Elfrida, AZ

Snow in AZ - Ha! Cotton

Dirt road dead ends to where you can take left to Rucker, or right to Leslie Canyon. We took left.

Sweet little bridge

1st stop

Look like ice/snow here? Nice little fall and river.

Rocky soil

Picnic lunch time.

Hard to tell from this photo, but I have a nice little boot here. Fractured 3rd metatarsal, right foot. On the left foot is a nice Merrel boot.

Bad photo composition I kinda like.

This is where we stopped for our picnic lunch.

Right about here is little bend in the road and it becomes Leslie Canyon Road. Next post for Leslie.

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