Saturday, November 1, 2014

Visit with my sister, Holli

And what a nice visit it was. So nice to be close. So, photos here, maybe text to follow....Also to post, photos with Hettie, Sean and 4 g-kids who live in K'ville. Did abt a halfway meet.



and again

Ellie in quiet mode

some fall leaves

Dinner at Karen's with Lanie, sculptural artist; Carol, writer, retired reporter from Rolling Stone Mag.; Karen, designer custom-made chandeliers and furniture, and hostess extraordinaire; Holli, writer working on her 3rd book to be published, my sister and one of my best friends.

Sydney, Nashville musician and visual artist.

Scott, drummer for N'ville based band Lambchop, obviously plays guitar too, and heard him play piano. Also an excellent woodworker..

Ellie and Muffin.

Such a nice visit. Nice sister time, but sorry to have missed Stone Jack Jones, who is on tour with his latest CD, Ancestor, and doing well; Deirdre, who is in Paris and Rome coordinating wedding plans; and Logan, who is at Skidmore being a great artist, painting furiously.

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