Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Lost Sketches

No images to post today, but felt like writing before I head off to the "vintage" store to work today. Barb Herman, Jan Searle and I met on Sunday, and Barb and I shared our contour drawings of giraffes. Barb had some great ones. I must say I was not pleased with mine. I would have posted anyway as it would have been good to trace my improvement as we proceed with our weekly drawing assignments. Posting those sketches was not to be though as my cat urinated on my sketchbook, so it went bye bye in the trash. TC, our full time indoor cat, has been distraught due to a feral cat hanging in our yard regularly. So, we must find a way to get this outdoor feral cat out of our yard.

Went to Tucson on Tuesday and got some new sketch books and some more encaustic paints, and saw show at Conrad Wilde Gallery. Also stocked up at Trader Joe's and 17th St. Market. Made for a fun day.

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  1. I'm sorry about the cat problem again. Didn't that spray stuff work? Call animal control.