Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mirror Mirror

The countdown is on! Mirror Mirror and Postcards of Bisbee opens at Subway Gallery in Old Bisbee on Saturday, October 9th. Mirror Mirror consists my new encaustic works, and mixed media and jewelry by Andrea Robinson. These works all incorporate mirrors or images based on art history where a mirror is part of the composition. Postcards of Bisbee are turn-of-the-century postcards painted/digitally altered by my husband, Mike Derivan.
Here's our poster for the show. Please join us for the Opening Reception if you're in Bisbee!


  1. I wish I could attend the reception, Liz! I hope you'll take photos of the event and post them to your blog :).

    Do you know how many pieces you'll have done for the show yet?

  2. Wish you could too. You missed a great Plein Air competition here last weekend. Maybe you'd consider coming next Sept. to paint in the competition. I will definitely make photos. Looks like about 24-25 pieces will be done. Yay!

  3. Wish I was going to be there, too! Hope it's a success! How was your interview?

  4. Wish you would be too. I think maybe a new job:-)