Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tohono Chul Angel

Mike and I went to Tohono Chul Park Holiday Night in Tucson on Friday with some friends. I took some of the photos from the evening and incorporated to make this piece. I will print on rice paper and finish off with encaustic. This will happen as soon as I'm finished painting the kitchen cabinets. This may be the beginning of my next series.


  1. You come up with the most creative and wonderful ideas for these mixed media/encaustic pieces, Liz! I do hope you'll do another series :).

    The latest issue of American Artist has an article featuring an encaustic artist in NM, I believe. I thought of you when I read it, and how it appears that encaustic is getting increased exposure and popularity.

  2. I'm curious to see the RED cabinets!

  3. Thank you, Sonya. I'll have to look for the latest issue of American Artist. Would love to see the article.

    This theme feels like a good series....Onward.