Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Trip to the Amerind Foundation

The Amerind Foundation, located in Texas Canyon in the Little Dragoons (just off I-10 in SE AZ), is a private anthropological and archaeological museum, research center, and art museum, dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Native American cultures and their histories. Here's their web address for more detailed info:

Photos in this posting are from a day trip we made on December 26th. We ( being me, Mike, daughter Hettie, son-in-law Sean, and grandson Ryan) had a picnic lunch, made photos, and visited the museums. It was a goreous day!

Hettie reclining on Victorian loveseat. "Found object" in the desert. Actually, a family had hauled this is in the back of their truck to do a family portrait.

Ryan exploring the rocks.

Contemplating the downhill run.

He's off!!
And back up to do it again!
Scapes at Amerind

On the way home.



  1. We just took a trip there a few days before Christmas. Nice place isn't it?
    I like that random shot on the sofa!

    xoxo Kim

  2. Thank you, Kim & Hettie! Yeah, it is a great place! The sofa was pretty funny!

  3. What a great place and the photos are outstanding!

  4. great photos! i just love the arizona landscape.

    your grandson sure is a cutie!