Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's been has kept me busy in other ways

The Altered Page
Wow, haven't posted since April 10! I'm posting today because Seth Apter, The Altered Page included me in his It's Still Life blog post today. Check it out. Seth is truly an incredible artist and generously shares the work of many artists on his blog and in his publications. So, Seth brought me here today. Thank you, Seth.

As long as I'm here, I'll share the updated version from my April 10 post. As I said in that post I wasn't sure I was happy the my Water piece. Now I believe it is finished. Here it is...and wish I were there!


  1. I love the soft peacefulness of this painting, gorgeous!

  2. delightfully beautiful, Liz. Your work is so calming, awe-inspiring and definitely soft peacefulness. I just love the angel evoking piece you did which I look at just before bedtime every night; lightens up my spirit.

  3. Thank you, both! This is a peaceful piece for me as it reminds me of vacation to Andros, Bahamas with Mike around 2003. Beautiful place. Dear to my heart. Glad you like the angel, tata:) I'm rather fond of angels too, I'm sure you guessed:)

  4. The final piece looks great, Liz. It has a very mysterious quality to it, which I find appealing :).

    You might have heard by now, but Roxanne is moving back to Bisbee. So, at some point, I'll be down there to stay and visit. We'll have to do some painting/drawing/photography together.

  5. Thank you, Sonya. Hope good reasons for Roxanne's return. Will be great to see you and draw/paint/photograph/visit!!!

  6. Gorgeous piece. It is really quite compelling and simply beautiful. I am so glad you are in The Pulse so that I was able to see this work!

    1. Thank you, Seth. So great to be in the Pulse and connect with other artists!!!

  7. Welcome back - these are very nice.